Lisama is a manufactory Company that was created to respond to the Denim clothing market, looking for the full satisfaction of its customers with maximum quality, service and quickness.

Strategy and Goals

Meet the growing demand of smaller customers. Growth and sustainable development together with Costumers that work in medium and high market segments.

Values and Vision

To become a benchmark of excellence in the denim clothing market segment. Integrity, simplicity and respect for all stakeholders in the product value chain.


Lisama, over the years has become a world reference in terms of denim garment manufacturer. The company activity covers a whole set of methods and procedures in order to transform fabric into clothing. The effort in the last years allows us to enlarge a range of products, using cutting techniques, sewing and finish.

Our range of products goes from aprons to Pants. The techniques used may include stitching, thermo-bonding, embroidery, laser or blade cutting, finished with patches or mended holes.


We are a Portuguese company, located in Guimarães, that has been pioneer in the textile manufacture sector of denim garments.

We have grown in a demanding and highly competitive, national and international environment.
We seek to maintain a close relationship with all our employees and suppliers.

We work daily to satisfy our customers.


Lisama was founded in 1981 by two family members who had some experience in the textile industry. They were also founders of another company called, Modisil. Lisama was a very small factory with just a few workers, working as a subcontractor for Modisil.

In 1983, Mr. Abraão Fertuzinhos and Mr. João Alberto Leite Ferreira founded the company Realmalhas, also dedicated to manufacturing clothes, being a supplier for Modisil.