Lisama, over the years has become a world reference in terms of denim garment manufacturer.

The company activity covers a whole set of methods and procedures in order to transform fabric into clothing. The effort in the last years allows us to enlarge a range of products, using cutting techniques, sewing and finish. Our range of products goes from aprons to Pants. The techniques used may include stitching, thermo-bonding, embroidery, laser or blade cutting, finished with patches or mended holes.

The waste of raw materials are collected and reused by a Recycle Company. Remaining threads are often re-dyed and reused.  Paper and plastic are properly separated for recycling.

Lisama leads to innovation and development in all areas of production process.  Lisama early realized the importance of productivity and competitiveness, creating better work conditions for best performance. Garment air transport system, air conditioning and central vacuum are some examples.