Lisama was founded in 1981 by two family members who had some experience in the textile industry. They were also founders of another company called, Modisil. Lisama was a very small factory with just a few workers, working as a subcontractor for Modisil.

In 1983, Mr. Abraão Fertuzinhos and Mr. João Alberto Leite Ferreira founded the company Realmalhas, also dedicated to manufacturing clothes, being a supplier for Modisil.

The late 1980s were difficult for companies in the textile industry. The scenario was pessimistic. Regardless of this scenario, Mr. Abraão Fertuzinhos tried to take advantage of market conditions and with motivation, commitment and some financial availability decided to acquire Lisama, dissociating himself from the company Realmalha. The company which, at that time, had 12 Employees gradually increased their investments, in all areas, while also developing their own products.

In September 1996, the company moved to the current facilities, located in zona industrial da Gandra, with an area suitable for implantation, equipments, storage and discharge dock.

The company, in a continuous and dynamic way, has undergone a strong growth and development, based on the innovation and vanguard of products, equipments, methods and working conditions. Currently, 46 direct and 27 indirect employees are part of the company. Over time the company has consolidated its commercial relationships in the internal and external market, mainly due to its high quality and service, allowing to be considered a world reference in the denim garments manufacture industry.

The quality, innovation and the full satisfaction of our customers are the main goals and the reason for our daily effort.